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June 30th, 2019 – As Pastor Jonathan finishes this month’s series, we read in scripture that when we accept Christ as our savior we have ‘crucified’ our flesh and therefore the sins that it brings.   This means that we are free from our sin but not necessarily free to sin thinking that Christ has taken on that burden for us.   A new self arises so that ‘we are no longer slaves to sin’.   By allowing the flesh of the old self to live on, we are denying ourselves the very freedom that God promises through Christ.    So it is important to tap into the tool that God gives us ensure this old self is gone.    The Holy Spirit is in you to help maintain your freedom so that you can walk in the freedom that Christ give us.   When you are led by the spirit you are free from the law.   If you chose to follow the spirit of God you are going to the places that is where God wants you to be.   You are free.

Galatians 5:16-25

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